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Standard outdoor AVP rules apply for all tournaments


Please note the following highlights: 

  • A Net is a Net – If you contact any portion of the net during play, it is a fault.

  • Antennae – The standards (poles) are the antennae. If the ball touches or passes over the poles, it is out.

  • Block counts as a Touch 

  • Court Boundary – Entering any adjacent court that is scheduled for competition during play is a fault.

  • Finger Action Over Net – No finger action over the net, including redirecting on a block, tipping, etc..

  • Beach standards apply for hand setting, noting that spin is a possible indicator of a double, but it is NOT inherently a double.  There is NO RULE if a ball spins X number of times that it is a double. Stop watching for spin on the ball and start watching the hands of the setter. 

  • No open-hand serve receive 

  • Hard Driven Ball – Finger action (beach dig) allowed for first contact on a hard-driven ball. Hard-driven is defined as a ball you don’t have time to think about.

  • If a player goes under the net during play, it is not a fault, unless contact is made that interferes with the player contacted on the other team’s ability to play the ball.

Special Formats
Coed 4's: 
  • Block DOES NOT count as a touch

  • Open-hand receive ALLOWED on first contact -- all first contacts CAN be a DOUBLE, including on serve receive

  • Minimum 1 female player (no rules regarding # of touches per gender)

Reverse CoEd: 
  • Women's net height will be used for all games (7ft 4in).

  • Men can only swing/ contact the ball for an attack above the height of the net from behind the 10ft line, which will be drawn on the ground. 

Rules: Text
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