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Different Gainesville Volleyball events have different rules. 

If you are playing in a tournament, review our tournament rules

If you are playing in a social league, review our league rules

Division Levels for Tournaments

Grassroots Tournaments offer different playing levels so everyone can feel comfortable competing! It's important to review and understand the divisions before signing up. 

BB: Lowest competition level we offer, not much tournament experience, more of a casual player or newer to the sport. 

A: Intermediate,  some advanced skills. Common level for people who play pretty often but who maybe didn't play on an organized team or have advanced coaching. Familiar with tournament play. Hands will be called at this level and above. 

AA: Advanced, experienced and active tournament player, often played college or club teams, with lots of coaching/ training in the past or present. Jump serves, outdoor hand setting, fast-paced attack, and ball placement are likely from both players.

Open: Highest level, very very experienced player. Compete for money. Players in this division have advanced skills in all areas (swing hard, good defense, blocking, jump serves, hand setting, running plays, etc.) 

Registration Guide

  1. All players must have an active AVP America membership in order to participate in Gainesville Volleyball events. You can look up your AVP number or register for a new AVP membership here. Players should choose the "Competing Athlete" option. 

  2. Now that you have your AVP number, you are ready to begin registering for your Gainesville Volleyball AVP event by accessing the AVP America schedule .

  3. Gainesville Volleyball has an all-digital sign up and payment process, so you will be redirected to our registration page for the event at

  4.  The fastest way to register is by clicking the blue circle icon on the right side of the box for your particular division. 



 5. When you reach the screen to input player information, first-time users will need to choose "Manual Entry" and input           all required fields. The process will need to be repeated in order to add teammates. 


6. Online payment is required at the time of registration for Gainesville Volleyball events. We are able to issue refunds if            a cancellation takes place before the refund cutoff date. 

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