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Gainesville Volleyball (GNVV) is a non-profit organization and AVP America affiliate. GNVV facilitates sand volleyball and grass volleyball opportunities in the Gainesville, Florida area. We strive to serve our local community with social leagues, clinics, and general play events. We also welcome players from across the state and country at our competitive tournaments. Our driving goal is to provide people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to stay active and make friends through the sport of outdoor volleyball.

Sand volleyball players in Florida


Gainesville Volleyball events feature water slides, freebies, raffles, pulled pork, you name it! It’s all about having a great time, making new friends, and enjoying the opportunity to be active outdoors. Our events are a party - and we think we throw a pretty good one!

Grass volleyball players in Florida

Players First

GNVV makes decisions based on what we have seen work at tournaments, leagues, and events around the country. We choose prizes that make sense for volleyball athletes. We use digital tournament software to efficiently manage events and optimize the amount of play we can offer our players.


Meet The Team

Grass volleyball tournament in Gainesville, Florida

Our Story

Gainesville Volleyball was founded in September 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly limited access to volleyball in the area and we decided to take advantage of grass volleyball as a way to play outdoors.

We began by hosting grass tournaments, but quickly discovered that demand for outdoor volleyball was HIGH! This was our clear-cut sign to dig in and start serving the community in a larger capacity. In 2021, Gainesville Volleyball held a clinic, several play days, mini sand tournaments, and a sand league in addition to its signature grass tournament series. 


Currently, we are expanding league offerings, growing our Grassroots Tournament series, and exploring additional partnerships to support community facilities. New initiatives include introducing high school beach volleyball in Alachua County and providing access for lower-income youth. Our continued work positions Gainesville at the center of grass volleyball in Florida and new investments in 2022 will allow us to begin our journey to become the premier outdoor volleyball organization in northern Florida.

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