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You should get to know GNVV: Here's why

Gainesville Volleyball is more than just a weekend tournament host- we want to make lasting changes in the local volleyball community. We are a nonprofit organization that is reinvesting our proceeds into furthering our goals. Read on to find out about the projects we are working on in the coming months!

Equipment & Facilities

Our priority is to improve the outdoor volleyball facilities in Gainesville. This means collaborating with the city parks departments, investing in equipment, and eliminating barriers to play. Alongside these developments, we also hope to encourage area high schools to launch beach volleyball programs. What you will see as a result are the following:

· New sand court facilities (pictured)

· Higher quality net systems & lines at public sand courts

· Lighting additions for night use of public sand courts & parks with grass playing space

· Ball stops around public sand courts

· Volleyballs available for use at public sand courts

Special thanks to City of Newberry for building these awesome courts!

Education & Training

Another aim of the organization is to be a resource for volleyball education and training. It is central to our mission that people have local access to training, clinics, and coaching. We also acknowledge that this is a central component of growing the game and we want Gainesville Volleyball athletes to be the best they can be!

Playing Opportunities

We all just want to play volleyball and know you do too! Our central mission is to provide and organize great volleyball experiences no matter your affiliation or experience level. We will regularly host AVP sponsored tournaments, leagues, casual play days, and other special events. We intend to offer a variety of formats and provide what you want. We always welcome suggestions and ideas from the community.


We want ALL people to feel welcome in the local volleyball community, whether you have never touched a volleyball or you are an AVP regular. Everyone is welcome at Gainesville Volleyball. It’s important to us that everyone has fun, adheres to good sportsmanship, and encourages players of all abilities. We could write more on this topic, but we think this article about volleyball in Florida by Kim Hildreth says it best.

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