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5 Reasons to try grass volleyball

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

We get it…beach is your first love, especially for those of you who are native Floridians. We think you should give something new a try though! Check out five reasons to test out grass volleyball.

Fast Pace

There’s no way around it – people love playing grass volleyball because the speed of play is so much quicker. Sprinting to the ball is easier and crazy saves are the norm, since there’s no sand slowing you down as you run down a ball. You’ll see a higher percentage of jump serves and players are more likely to take bigger risks in search of an ace.

Net Action

Naturally, jumping on grass gets volleyball players up high in the air with tons of options to consider on the attack. Once a player leaves the ground, get in position and keep your eye on the ball. The attack is going to be a hard, well-placed swing, and you can certainly expect a blocker to be ready at the net as well. Even if you are off the court watching, you’ll be entranced by the epic hits, hard blocks, and resulting impressive digs.

Build new skills

Playing grass is yet another volleyball environment which will require you to switch up your gameplay and make strategic adjustments. 3v3 and reverse coed tournament formats, commonly offered on grass, can also lead to a more creative game plan than you may be used to on the beach. You’ll surely enjoy figuring out how to adapt to a new style of play in order to beat your opponents.

Change of scenery

No sand, slightly less wind, and, well, green grass to look at! Sure, the outdoor elements are still going to play a factor, but typically grass courts are going to be set up in a location that is less exposed and out in the open than the beach. Believe it or not, some players don’t like playing beach and only stick to grass and indoor. Taking up grass can also help you connect with new members of the volleyball community and meet new potential teammates.

It’s 2020

It’s 2020 and playing indoor in a gym is either restricted, unrealistic, or undesirable for most of us. Grass is your next best bet if you are an indoor player still looking to compete. Log some time playing in grass tournaments and you will stay in great shape during both indoor and beach off-seasons!

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